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Tunable Laser Source (Model 4200)
  Fast Sweep, Wide λ
The Model 4200 offers the best in tunability—ultrafast, ultrawide and mode-hop free—with low noise, high accuracy and repeatability. The Model 4200 is a flexible system configured to your specific needs. For exceptional absolute wavelength accuracy, two versions of wavelength-reference module options are available (< 1 pm or < 5 pm versions). For polarization control, choose the polarization controller for setting up to six states of polarization. For random polarization output, select the polarization scrambler. A variable optical attenuator (VOA) option is also available for up to 20 dB adjustment in optical output power.

For measurements requiring high dynamic range, such as the characterization of fiber-Bragg gratings, choose the low-noise version. For testing multiple devices or multiple outputs of a single device simultaneously, choose the high-power version.

The 4” x 6” VGA color display affords excellent visualization of measurements directly on the power meter without the need to export data to a PC. Trends, drifts, noise, and perturbations are all clearly indicated on the graphical display.

The removable USB flash memory drive makes transferring data to Excel or a mathematics package very simple. Remote data transfer via Ethernet or GPIB are also straightforward: Connect to a network and retrieve data from any PC on the network (even to a remote location via VPN).

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