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Tunable Laser Sources
 Tunable Laser Sources
dBm Optics offers tunable laser sources for a variety of applications. For passive optical component testing, the TLS and either the dBm Component
Spectrum Analyzer® (CSA) or the Model 4650 Swept Spectrometer® are designed to work hand-in-hand for fast, high-accuracy characterization of
insertion loss (IL), polarization dependent loss (PDL) and optical return loss (ORL).

 Tunable Laser Source (Model 4200)
The Model 4200 TLS combines the best in tunability—ultrafast, ultrawide and mode-hop free—with low noise, high accuracy and repeatability. The Model 4200 is a flexible system configured to your specific needs. For exceptional absolute wavelength accuracy, two versions of wavelength reference options are available (< 1 pm or < 5 pm versions). A polarization controller option, for setting up to six states of polarization, is also available. For random polarization output, a polarization scrambler option is offered. A variable optical attenuator (VOA) option is also available for up to 20 dB adjustment in optical output power.

  • 150 nm tuning range: 1475-1625 nm
  • 1260-1660 nm range
  • Fast sweeping from 0 to 1000 nm/sec
  • > 50-60 dB STSE for characterizing deep-well devices
  • High-power or low-noise versions available

 980 nm TLS (Model 652)
Unique Capabilities
In the past, only OSA solutions could be used to characterize components at 980 nm, but wavelength and insertion loss errors were significant. The TLS Model 652 addresses this issue by allowing swept characterization with high wavelength and insertion loss accuracy.

  • Fast sweeping from 0 to 100 nm/s
  • 960-995 nm wavelength