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Optical Calibration Test Instruments
Confirming compliance with your ISO-9000 requirements, or knowing that you are meeting your published specs, requires verifying the performance of your optical test systems. Because instrument calibration alone is not adequate to ensure test system performance, it is necessary to periodically validate your system to a known standard. dBm Optics' calibration instruments provide the accuracy and traceability to meet those requirements.

  Optical Test Calibrator
Combine Optical Calibration Standards In One Instrument
The Model OTC allows optical calibration references (wavelength references, PDL references, ORL references) to be combined into a single, rugged enclosure for use in manufacturing or use in the lab. Two models are available. The 17” rack mountable is ideal for test system applications while the 8.5” is most suited for portable or benchtop applications.

  • Complete optical test system calibration sources:
    • PDL calibration references
    • Wavelength absorption refernces
    • ORL zero reflectance
    • ORL reflectivity reference
  • Traceable calibration
  • Customer configurable
  • Bench or rack mounting

  PDL Calibration Artifacts
Precision PDL Calibration
Ensuring that your PDL measurements are accurate can be accomplished by confirming your measurements against a known value PDL standard. The PDL standards in our PS Series serve this purpose. They can also be used to stimulate PDL for system testing.

  • User-selectable fixed PDL (0.050-0.750 dB)
  • Stable over time (<± 0.005 dB/yr); temperature(<± 0.0003 dB/°C); wavelength; vibration and shock
  • Calibration certificate provided for C and CL version

  Wavelength Calibration Artifacts
Precision Wavelength Calibration
Our WA Series of references utilize gas cells to enable precise wavelength accuracy. Gas cells provide a feature set unavailable from other reference technologies in terms of absolute long-term accuracy and environmental insensitivity. We offer configurations from mini gas cells to gas cells in instrument housing for a complete calibration solution.

  • Coverage from 900-1638 nm
  • <± pm absolute accuracy over time and environment
  • 12C2H2, H13CN, 12CO, 13CO, HF, CH4, H2O gasses available
  • Dual, triple and quad combinations available
  • Available in pigtailed absorption cells or installed in an instrument housing for lab or factory floor use
  • NIST traceable

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