How to Fix Your Any Device Light

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There are many types of electronic equipment to suit their intended use, and of course to provide many conveniences for their users. Even so, it is not uncommon for electronic devices to experience problems or damage. When damaged, many electronic devices today will display a certain color code indicating the type of damage, and in many cases, not everyone understands what it means.

In this discussion, you will find a review regarding the meaning of the indicator light on the type of HP brand printer electronic equipment that is mainstream used in the office world today, let’s take a look.

Orange Light on HP printer

On HP printers in general, the orange light indicates “Resume” which means a process has stopped because there is a certain problem that must be resolved. If you see the orange light burning steadily, there could be two meanings:

  • The cartridge or ink needs to be replaced
  • The printer has run out of paper

But if the light is flashing, then troubleshooting steps are needed. Here are some popular steps to overcome the orange blinking light on an HP printer:

Most Popular Steps to Overcome HP Printer Flashing Orange Light

If you already know what the orange light on the HP printer means, then here are the steps you can try:

1) Check the Ink and Paper Tray

This is the simplest step, and did you know that the simplest steps can also produce results? Open it and look at the printer cartridge to see if there is still a lot of ink and there is still paper. If it is still safe but still on, then you need to check further.

2) Make Sure the Cover is Open

The presence of a sensor in this section can indicate when the cover is open and prevent it from working and the orange light comes on. Check again if the cover is closed properly, if necessary, open it first and then close it again until you hear a satisfying “click” sound.

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3) Check Paper Condition

The most common problem is a problem in the paper printing process where the paper gets stuck or is too loose so it doesn’t work and the orange light comes on. The problem is usually caused by damaged or folded paper causing it to get stuck. Open the printer and remove the paper jam to resolve it and start again.

4) Problematic Cartridges

The ink cartridge may have problems, clog, or not work properly. Solve this by turning off the printer and opening the printer device to check the cartridge and correct its position if there is any movement. Gently open and close, then close and click the power on button. When the cartridge is damaged too often, it is time to replace it.

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5) Power Reset

Solving the problem can be very easy, all it takes is turning off the printer and turning it on again. The method is that easy, you just need to turn it off, remove the cable from the plug, open the cartridge, remove it and install it again, plug in the cable and turn on your printer.

You can find many light indicator problems on other devices via the Good luck.